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Lloyd O'Daniel wrote:

How many 128's are Raided to achieve the test you posted? I'm about to max out an older 180GB SSD and need to replace it.

Two SSD's. Both Samsung 840 Pro.
Set to RAID-0 using the Intel "Rapid Storage Technology" software. Very easy to set, within Win8 (or Win7) itself. No need to make use of difficult procedures by using a RAID-set file on a USB stick (or floppy) to set hard-drives (or SSD's) in BIOS.
The only thing is that one setting within the BIOS has set to RAID instead of AHCI as default. I have set it already before installing the OS itself, as I did know to use RAID-0 option when I start building my PC. I don't know if it has some limitations to set when doing it afterwards, when the OS is already installed.

(OS is installed on another SSD ----> Intel 520).

The two Samsung SSD's together using a SATA 600 Gb/s port each, the speed is more or less doubled. (More exactly about 1.8x speed of one SSD).
But what is the advantage in practice?
My intention was to speed up e.g. batch processing of many images within Photoshop and Nikon Capture NX2. Relatively not that big images in size, but many (many hundreds ----> school photography). As the processing is far more related to processing itself, plus many tasks not related to disk read/write it makes no difference using a RAID-0 setting in comparison to no RAID.
You get advantages if you work with very big files, e.g. stitching images for pano's, or video-editing.
As a test I interpolated an image 16 bit mode per channel within Photoshop CS6 to a big "poster" sized image 2x3 meters - 300 dpi - 16 bit. The image is huge, 4.9 Gigabyte.
It takes only a "small" 8 seconds to write to the Samsung SSD RAID-0  set. No difference reading or writing, both jobs within 8 seconds. Doing the same thing a second time, by the cache of the data still in the system, times has halved, so took only 4 seconds.

(Mobo ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, Intel i7 3770K, 16Gb RAM).

Leon Obers

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