NIK software deal, is it worth it??

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Re: NIK software deal, is it worth it??

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Yes and then yes again.
Nik plugins are one of the best plugins available for LR and PS. Silver efex is a great tool for converting to B&W. I suggest watching some of their tutorials, it will help you create a workflow with these plugins and understand when and how to use the control points.
For me the workflow with nik is LR adjustments -> Viveza -> CEP or Silverefex.

I'll second that

Personally i use mostly Silver Efex and Color Pro with LR and PS.
That deal is great, and if you search a bit, you might even find discount codes in the forums...
I did !

Enjoy !!!!

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Phil (Nice, FR)

Found a discount code before I posted and used it too. An extra 15%. Over the years I have held my toes into the odd software mix e.g. skin specialist software, HDR etc but found that after a few days of play, I dropped the packages as quickly as I installed them. Not sure whether or not this will be the same with NIK. I noticed that when you edit a picture in NIK software you can then save the result but not pickup from there and carry on with adjustments like you can in C1 or LR. I find this a tad more restrictive, but then, the benefits might make up for this.



There are 2 ways you can save the edits you make depending on what base software you're using to launch the Nik plugin:

1. from PS -> by converting to smart layer you can edit all the adjustments made in any nik pugin including control points;

2. from PS or LR -> after you finished with all the adjustments save your settings as a receipe(preset), however this will not save the control points and their adjustmets (but will save for example multiple ColorEfex filters stacked and their settings so you can apply them easily to each image imported).

Not all the filters from Color Efex are useful, same way that not all LR or Silver Efex settings are applicable for a specific image, but in time one will learn to use some of them with great results. For example I use quite often a couple of CEP filters, most used being Pro Contrast and Lighen/Darken Center. Same goes for Silver Efex, I noticed I tend to like a couple of presets as a starting point and then make further tuning. Bottom line is that it takes some practice and time to master the plugins to their full potential (as with everyting else).

Hope this helps,

Interesting post, will certainly look into this!



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