DP1, DP2 & DP3 color rendition: same or different? The truth revealed :)

Started Mar 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Thank you..but (?)

Thanks for the nice test Vieri.

Seems you made everybody happy: the ones claiming that there IS an improvement of colors (using WB settings) and the ones who say, the RAWs don't show significant differences (manual WB)

But i'm wondering if the DP3m solves "all" skintone problems of DP1m and DP2m, just because the WB settings are better?
If there are just little differences in the RAW, it should be possible to get the same colors and skintones with the DP1m and DP2m.

I'm still looking forward to a "non-scientific" real world outdoor portrait with all three cameras, taken at the same time.

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