"I Take My Camera Everywhere". Really?

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Re: "I Take My Camera Everywhere". Really?

Derek Dean wrote:

I'm glad to hear you've started taking your camera "every where".  I've been doing that for nearly 50 years.... and trust me...... that's the way to get those once-in-a-lifetime shots.  Do understand, there are many, many times that I never take a photo ....... but because it's become such a regular part of my routine, when a shot does present itself, I'm ready to go and will usually get it.

Make sure you've always got a spare battery!

Yes.  I always have one in the zipped pocket of the CaseLogic...
I was driving along a Berkeley street when a DEER came right up to my car window.

I thought, "Oh, if I only had a camera!"  - I was so discombobulated I forgot I did have one

Probably would have left before I could get it out and all into place though...

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