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Re: Colors

PhotoKhan wrote:

yvind Strm wrote:

I bet you have to sharpen every one of your shots.

For sure...but that's a bit like saying to a cook you bet he has to wash all his salad's vegetables.

...on the other hand, I don't spend 1/1000th of the time you guys spend correcting colors while trying to figure out why the color wheel transmuted into a lemoine hexagon the minute it stepped into Sigma's realm.

A bit of truth in that. But, with normal shooting with my SD14, I hardly do any PP (including color correction). The colors are pleasant, and very usable. However, product shots and art repro where correct colors are vital, is a complete other ballgame. It is boring to have to profile the camera for every new setting.

Unfortunately, I have not so many pictures up at the moment.

Some here (thumbnail only):

Sunset, SD14

Sunset, SD14


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