DP1, DP2 & DP3 color rendition: same or different? The truth revealed :)

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Re: DP1, DP2 & DP3 color rendition: Heated Issue?

Gary Dean Mercer Clark wrote:

vI think it was a very revealing test.  I think you did a very good job. I don't recall any controversy in the Sony forum about color accuracy between all its plethora of 16.1 mp Nex cameras.  Each camera performs differently, each newer generation shows improvement and better color accuracy. So if I'm to understand this---we expect Sigma to revamp the DP1M and DP2M cameras to have the exact color calibration as the newer generation DP3M? and in addition Sigma should do extensive costly firmware updates of the DP1M and DP2M to bring them up to the color accuracy of its newest generation DP3M?

So I should post in the Sony forum and complain that Sony isn't doing anything to improve its older model"s color accuracy and expect a new firmware update to bring all the older models in line exactly with the newest model because these camera have the same sensor etc?  Is this a realistic expectation of a camera manufacturer?

Seems to me that that the lesson here is that if you are going to be out shooting with all three cameras hanging around your neck--you better do a custom white balance.

When shooting wedding with different camera models in the same brand---I always did a custom white balance.  Saves headaches later.

Each model is clearly an improvement over the earlier one in the auto balance performance---I can see a difference between each camera release based on the color charts that you shot. Its good to know that there are difference in performance using Auto WB between the three cameras.

Not sure how heated this issue is or how big a controversy this really is, but I appreciate your hard work and write up!

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark

Hello Gary,

thank you for your reply, I am glad you found the article interesting

About your point: well, to me there is a very important difference between what you say about the Sony Nex evolution of cameras and the DP Merrill family.

I agree that we cannot expect older models to perform as good as new ones, of course. However, I  think that with the Merrill this is not the case: the DP1M & DP2M have been announced the same day, they are not one the evolution of the other; the DP3M, while announced later, supposedly and according to Sigma has the same innards as the other two, with a different lens (and now we know it evidently also sports different FW tweaks).

What I mean is, the DP2M is not the evolution of the DP1M and the DP3M the evolution of the DP2M; they are side-developed models, two of which released the same day - very different than the differences in Nex models, which are indeed evolutions one of the other, developed and released with (very) different features in very different times.

More, being everything that came out from my test fixable by matter of tweaking WB computations, I am pretty sure that Sigma can do it in a very very short time and dedicating very little resources to it. Basically, to simplify the issue, all they need to do change some numbers in their WB computation tables in FW...



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