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I agree with most of what is said here

Michael Everett wrote:

I am one of the plebes who does not shoot with a Leica.  Like many others I came to the forum because of all the things that have been mentioned, the civility, the maturity of the posters, and not least the quality of the images.  At first this forum incited a good bit of Leica lust in me; but then I began to realize that I can get images that are so close it would be hard to distinguish them from Leica with my equipment, which is primarily a Nex 7 and an array of Canon and Zeiss legacy primes.  I say can get the images, not that I do get the images, as I don't consider myself at the same level of photographer as some of the regulars here.

So my Leica lust has mostly gone but I still enjoy the Leica forum.  I do kind of agree with the OP because I believe that it should be a predominantly Leica forum, and I have been hesitant to post images for that reason.  I don't know where to draw the line but I do respect those that shoot with Leicas and their sense of what is appropriate.

I will leave it to the Leica owners to sort this out.  In the meantime I will lay low and avoid overposting my welcome.


A few things:

1. I agree with Nicholas' points in the OP and the careful way he has worded them.  Very sensible.

2. I am one of those who occasionally post here with non-Leica gear (or not completely Leica : most often my post were images shot with Olympus or Panasonic bodies, but with a Leica connection in the lens).  I have always enjoyed the hospitality.  In a sense I like to think that a "Leica" look (in spirit and approach) is possible with other gear.

3. Some of my posts WERE indeed Leica related : posts considering gear and how it would affect my shooting (or not).

My most recent "contribution" - or "contamination" if you like ...  was Leica-inspired but not Leica...  I am buying a superfast lens (not Leica) but 99% of my reason for doing so, is Leica-inspired because of all the Noctilux talk and samples I have seen here.  That's a fine line, isn't it?

4. I will follow this thread with interest.  And respect the outcome.  At least the subject is now being discussed in a rational (and of course : civil) way.

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