a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Being new to Sony I do not know the History.  or the benifits of iISO vs say Nikon CLS ?

Because if you have used Nikon CLS even "without Radio Triggers"  it's pretty good. better than say ... C ... but I am not here for that battle.

Purely my opinion:  SONY  has made a very good move with the new Hot Shoe "MIS" (is that how you code it?)   ... and I think many a reviewer that looks at many cameras and camera systems would probably agree.   As is SD cards.  (from one Strobist  full time working Event shooter)

At some point , SONY probably had to upset someone.  They was NOT getting enough PRO support.  That's just a Fact.

I am sure Sony users have legacy gear ... but PRO's  have a LOT of gear (expensive gear) , and it must work together.  The gear Costs are Huge.  PROs need to keep cost down to generate profits.  What they have and what they want to use needs to work together.

And these TTL RadioPopper PX triggers was $250 a pop ... and I have 5.  And they are SUPER Solid. and has already Proven it's worth.  ZERO misfires. Keeps going in the RAIN.  What are the chances of me doing a Off Brand from China for iISO?

Clyde,  These POSTS do not  go away.  It will be interesting to Read them again 5 years from now.

IF,  SONY  outreach to attract more working PROs is successful .. and to see how it BENEFITS "ALL"  SONY users.

My guess  .. It will.

The little  goofyness (not fully thought out) of the NEW Hot shoe ...  Foot sticking out , and does not line up on some stuff ...  I can live with  ... Hopefully even correctable in the Future.

BUT, the "Direction"  SONY is taking  ... seems to be a good one.

and there Sensors ,  are ALL tested/reviewed as the BEST.

SONY is on the Move imho.

Is everything perfect .  NO

But there is tons of complaints on every forum.

Just my take on it   ...  from the outside ... being New to Sony,


Clyde Thomas wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:

SONY needs to listen to  USER Feedback more.  and set up ways to do it.

Believe it or not, I think that's part of the problem with Sony.  They think they are listening to users.  But unfortunately, the wrong ones.

Point 1:  They're listening to Canon users, not their own.  When a Canon user is shown a Sony, for the first time, they look at the hot shoe and immediately say "My Pocket Wizards won't fit that".  Sony changed the shoe in order to overcome the first round of immediate rejections from potential converts.  But my experience, working side by side with CaNikon shooters, is that once they understand the one click benefits of iISO, they come to see its advancement over standard ISO very quickly.  Even more so when they discover numerous other slaves are available native iISO.

Now imagine their shock, having converted, only to discover the Sony flash system is not standard at all, and a true system doesn't exist, and probably won't for quite a while.

Point 2:  And this is very important, even when Sony thinks they listen (like on the camera diner live video Q&A), they are listening to the wrong users.

It was proven in 1999 that one Grand Master Chess Player, Kasparov versus the World beat the plurality vote of over 50,000 players from 75 countries.  And the crowd even had numerous chess stars on their team.    Kasparov beat them in 64 moves.

I know Sony has attempted to assemble some type of Pro Shooter circle (I forget the name), but not one of these togs I've seen is a strobist.  I'd be more impressed if Sony were to consult strobist professionals who've used iISO for decades.  Then discuss the best route to improving iISO, rather than abandoning it.  I don't think one Sony strobist would have said they wanted the current platform.  And I don't think one Sony videographer would have requested extra brackets for the XLR, on both the SLT's and the VG cameras.

Consult the strobists for anything flash.  Consult the landscapers for anything landscape.  Consult the wildlife togs for anything wildlife.  Consult the sports togs for anything sports...

But whatever you do Sony, stop consulting game makers for camera design.

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