Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

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Re: Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

I have the G, I had the D.

Optically the G and D have about equal resolution in the center (maybe the D is a bit

sharper-I have noticed that it produced more moire on distant house roofs)) but the

edges and corners are clearly superior on the G. G has almost equal

sharpness across the frame , even at 1.4, which is impressive. Event at infinity at 1.4

the sharpness of the G is acceptable and even. The D never had very sharp corners.

The G is a lot more contrasty overall with more saturated and warm colors. The pictures

they take are very different regarding these 2 factors. So, the G is excellent for


Autofocus is very accurate on G only if you use AF-C, which is the best method for

fast lenses. Just keep the AF pressed for 1 second to let the camera stabilize focus

(just wait until the lens stops micro-hunt back-forth) and then take the picture. If you use

AF-S the focus accuracy between G & D are same.

Bokeh character is the same. But because the G is more contrasty and has flat edges

the bokeh of the G seems more harsh than the D overall. This is partly true and a

matter of taste.

Personally I like both, but I need to say that the D could take some more creamy

portraits because the oof corners of the image looked more messed than the G which lead

the eye towards the face more on D than the G. I also have the suspicion that the

transition from in-focus to oof (from eye to the ear zone) in the D is nicer and catches

the attention of the looker while on the G seems more clinical.

LoCA is the same for both. But because the G has more saturation, the LoCA color

is deep magenda which some times looks a lot. However, if you manage to

focus correctly the LoCA is never a problem even at harsh edges.

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