New 100-400 in a few months?

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Re: New 100-400 in a few months?

Rick Knepper wrote:

. . . With Nikon's D7100 & 80-400 release, you'd think Canon would be motivated but it has let the D800 stand uncontested for over year. Really, Canon should have been working on a high-res successor to the 5D2/1Ds3 starting 5 years ago but...

Point being, Canon has been slow to get highly-anticipated lenses & cameras into the pipeline. I won't go into the whole Cine is screwing up everything rant...oops...I guess I did.

I'd be surprised if Canon based their roadmap on the competition offerings rather then their own ideas.

Canon is doing the technology to a huge extent in house. Starting with the glass and fluorite crystals in house and the sensors too with their own semiconductors fab.

Let's assume for a while that Canon had already in the past plans for a 52 Mpixel sensorand lets assume it worked really fine and Canon figured out that the current camera lineup sells extremely well to people who think that these cameras are really good offerings

Why the hell should they introduce a new production technology and invest heavily in new equipment before the sales goes down on the old technology?

If you talk to 5D III praisers you will only hear that this is the best you can get for money - yet it is a renovated 5D II with a bit here and there tweaked - which is fine but it has no new sensor technology and this is something Canon surely wanted because they save the big leaps for the time when the sales slows down.

For lenses I am sure that most Nikon owners wold love to own a Canon mount on their D800(E). I tested some of them and was surprised how much Canon is ahead in lens technology and optical quality. It took Nikon some 7 years until their brought out a 70-200 f/4.0 after Canon and the previous 80-400 was nowhere near to the not so good 100-400 - so I guess if you have a realistic view on the market Canon is not doing that bad - Canon is simply investing in a business way and not a fanboyish way.

They simply wait until the current 5D III owners are ready for the next upgrade

I wait until that moment and the 7D II could be the first APS-C camera since 2004 with an all new sensor technology with better or at least similar per pixel performance then a 5D III - which would be highly welcome and motivate me to buy the first ever APS-C body

The 100-400 II is something Canon is surely preparing but I am not so sure that it will be available soon. The 200-400 is in development for sooooo long that it is almost like a joke. I wonder if the 100-400 takes as long for it's market introduction after announcing it

And let's face it - if the 100-400 is really good mechanical and optical performer - it will be rather costly and exceed the 3.5 k USD - which will make it unreachable for many. I am sure it will cost significantly more then the current 70-200 f/2.8 II being a more complicated design for 400 mm

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