Why can’t lens choice be straightforward?

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Re: Why can’t lens choice be straightforward?

It just isn't.  People have various needs and proclivities.  The need to satisfy all FL's and all shooting scenarios becomes a highly personalized proposition- plagued with compromises, not the least of which are rooted in the realities of optical formulas, weight consideration, and budgetary restrictions.

As for the seemingly ignorant salesperson, I can only speculate as to what agenda was being advanced, but compatibility does not appear an overarching consideration unless "F" mount lenses were not available or readily accessible in accordance with your perceived time frame.

Personally, if I were starting over, I would forego all the zoom lenses entirely and concentrate on picking the most useful fixed focal lengths and build my collection carefully.  As in, one lens at a time, and be far less concerned with gaps in the entire range.  When I began shooting, in earnest, I was driven by the compulsion to cover the entire conceivable shooting range and I now have possess many lenses that I rarely have occasion to utilize.  Your needs, however, may be far different than my own, and only you can decide which of the compatible lenses you may want to acquire.

There have been some really great suggestions in this thread and a wealth of informed consumers who you can draw upon in choosing the lenses that are best suited to your needs and interests and fit within you budget.  After all, it is a pleasure to spend other people's money, whilst monetary considerations are far less impacting when we don't have to cover the bill.

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