Are there two color versions of the Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 Lens ?

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Just buy it!

This lens is very nice! Very Very sharp! Super light weight but gives you a feeling of quality, like it should. Very well built, I love this lens on my 3 day old GH3! I have a Nex-7 and my GH3 with this lens blows away the Nex-7 with any lens I had with the Nex-7. My videos are so sharp and richer looking. I thought that I would be making a mistake by going with MFT compared to APS-C.

I also got the Leica/Panasonic 45mm Macro F2.8 I read that there are some complaints on this lens as to being slow to focus. Yes it is slower to focus as compared to the 12-35mm, and some of the other MFT lenses, but not that drastic. Let me say this, It's very sharp also and when I do video on most lenses I manual focus, except on this new 12-35mm, man it's so fast at fousing.

On first shoot with it, I tested it for CA, absolutely null. I have to admit I'm eating a little crow here, Never thought that the MFT's would ever be competition for the Canon or Nikon APS-C cameras. I have been a 3 time APS-C Canon body user with 3 pieces of L Glass. and this 12-35mm matches all my past L glass and I'm hoping the 35-100mm F2.8 will match it also.

I might also add here that this GH3 is such a well built camera, such nice detail and half the size, and weight of any of my past Canon bodies. I'm really glad I made the switch!

For those that think that any of these X lenses from Panasonic are too expensive, Pony Up man, they are worth it at 30 to 40% below Canons and Nikon's Glass!

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