Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

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Anders W wrote:

On a more general note, though, I am curious about whether what we can actually see in terms of resolution with current display or printing technology (and no peeping) will hold true in the future. What would the situation be like if we had displays of the same size but with 16 MP rather than 2 MP resolution. Would we still be unable to see much of a difference?

TV and video have increased in resolution over time. When you were watching TV as a child, did you complain about low resolution?  It's amusing to read old articles about the amazing fidelity of wax cylinders.

It's easier to notice differences when comparing side by side or when there are major differences from what you are used to.

This made me think about the differences of 720 vs 1080 pixel TVs.  The whole world wants 1080 because that's what their brother-in-law told them to get (their no-nothing brother-in-law also thinks that TVs have LED screens and that plasma TVs will break in a year).  In truth, however, when people come in the store to look at TVs their eyes take them to 720 (hard to notice a lower pixel height at 10 feet) plasma (better color) TVs.  They are all interested in buying especially when they see it's a 50" TV for $500 and in reality this is a very, VERY good deal.  But they ended up leaving with a crappy Samsung 46" LCD TV they paid $900 for.  Why?  They heard to buy Samsung, not LG.  They heard that plasma is bad LED is good (LED doesn't exist, it's LCD, but the world has nearly been convinced).  And they heard they need 1080.

This is kind of a continuation of my other post in the thread, where others were talking about how resolution doesn't matter in prints, etc.  I don't care about resolution either, but I like really sharp pictures at 100%.  OMD at 8 MP JPEG?  Sure, as long as it's sharp!

Back to the TVs, however.  I just wanted to note that people's thoughts can overpower what they really like.  You want to ask that cute girl on a date until you realize that she shoots with a Sony NEX, for example

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