DPP, Lightroom and Photo Ninja, samples

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Re: DPP, Lightroom and Photo Ninja, samples

MisterBG wrote:

I haven't tried Photo Ninja, but comparing results from DPP, Corel AftershotPro and RawTherapee, I found that Lightroom gave by far the best highlight recovery, sharpness and overall balance.

It's all very well using "Auto" or "Default" settings, but these programs are quite complex, and with a challenging subject you often need to spend quite a lot of time fine tuning the settings.
I'd agree with you that Photo Ninja is returning some good results, but in a final image it's probably going to be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the results between PN and Lightroom. "You pays your money and makes your choice."

Having auditioned each version of Lightroom from v1 and been unimpressed, I finally found with v4.3 (now 4.4RC) that Adobe has produced a program that was worth purchasing.

I have run many head-to-head comparisons of Photo Ninja and the latest version of ACR, and what I have learned is that you can work all day and all night with ACR and not be able to equal what you can get from Photo Ninja in five minutes.  First learn the presets, which give you a starting point, and then learn the adjustment tools, which are relatively few in number but are very powerful and well conceived.  I can't imagine why anyone would return to ACR/LR after becoming adept with PN, except out of force of habit or brand loyalty.  One can still use LR for file management, local adjustments  and printing, while using PN for the all important raw conversion.


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