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Re: part 6 -- how about that reach?

alexisgreat wrote:

haha maybe- it sounds like a catchy name a lot of them were also requested by others also, it's actually how a comprehensive review works.  Something Dpreview should be doing- but they ignore these cameras in favor of the corporate monopolies.

I see Good ole Phil Askey hangs out in the cell phone camera "connect" part of the site.  It's too bad this site isn't what it once was, under his leadership, and he now hangs out in the faux camera forum.

Just so you know what I think of that "connect" part, on the rare occasions when I see something that might be interesting over there, if at all possible I'll strip out the leading "connect." part of the URL. This doesn't often work but here's an example of where it does. There are a number of differences in the way the pages are displayed.



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