Xe1 with 23 pancake lens or x100(s)?

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Re: XE-1 with 18mm pancake vs X100

1drey wrote:

I am going to follow the same route - XE1+18 is just slightly bigger than my X10, which I found quite pocketable (if we speak about jacket pocket).

...Or wait! Won't it be wiser to get a used X100 for the same price as a new 18mm XF lens?
An opportunity to buy used 18 XF for $450 would make this choise easy, but in my place I can get only new lens for $600.

Hi 1drey,

It is a good point you make, yes, you could argue that instead of a 18mm for the X-E1 why not buy a used X100. This had crossed my mind . . .

I already have an X100, but to be honest, I prefer shooting with the X-E1 and the 18mm. I had brought the 18mm 2nd hand (for AUD $400) and it was in almost new condition so I was happy.

Selling the 35mm XF (virtually a swap) to get the 18mm made this an easy choice. Btw: I love the FOV of the 18mm.

kind regards,

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- Simon, Sydney

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