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Re: X100S Action Photos

BrianKraft wrote:

There are some with issues.  The one where she's looking through the railing is focussed on her fingers instead of her face and the skin tones colors look mottled and wrong.

The focus is on her hands-- yes. Not a fault of the camera. Probably not my fault either. I was standing several feet away, I saw her stick her face in there. I jumped in front of her, knowing it would be very, very short lived and I just fired away with a single shot-- with the AF box right where it was-- on her hand. There was no time to adjust. Not more than a second later, she was moving elsewhere. I really like the overall shot despite "the issues," so I kept it.

Many times we like the unintended effect even better.  I didn't mean to imply it ruined the shot.

Mottled and wrong. Don't know, but you may want to consider she had dirt on her face, she was getting reflections from the yellow bars, part of her face was in the shadows, part of her face was being hit by a few slices of sun, she has freckles, and she was scrunching her face up and creating odd contours.

Good point.  Thought of that later.  I've seen the same effect from light reflecting back off bright colored plastic.  I've even gone as far as to mask the area and minus the color, but that is a lot of work and it isn't real bad in this shot.

In some others it looks like you ran out of dynamic range.  Did you expose for the highlights and push the shadows?

I think you're going to have to be more specific with me. Ran out of range-- on the light side? On the dark side? Which photos? A lot of people talk about my PP lacking dynamic range. Are you referring to that? I shot different exposures for different shots. Some I brought down highlights and some I pushed shadows. Also note that these are shot as jpegs. not sure what issues you see.

Looks like the highlight detail is gone even though it isn't pegged to the right.  Just wondered if you underexposed and tried to pull the shadows, which is a strategy I'll use sometimes when I don't have the opportunity to use fill.

What apertures did you shoot at?  It looks like they were small enough to help with that focus.

If you read my post, I talk about that. And no, I wouldn't consider 2.8 that's on the majority of them to help too much with focusing.

35mm focal length helps.

Overall those were great memories captured.  I've got 1000's like them and it's fun to revisit them now that they are all in college.

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