Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

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Re: Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

Last weekend for the first time I actually price shopped much of my 4/3's gear (E-510, E-620, 14-42 and 9-18 lenses; my 70-300 is now defunct or I would have included it as well) along with my E-PM1 and its 14-42 MkII lens thru KEH and found they'd only return about enough to cover the cost of an mFT 9-18mm.  My guess, their value will continue to drop as mFT takes further hold.

What brought about this change in attitude is my E-M5 along with its kit 12-50, a Panasonic 20mm and, until I find another sale on the mFT version, the FT 40-150mm w/adapter.  The E-M5 is simply a superior camera in so many respects compared to my much loved E-620 that I no longer take the latter along.  Never thought I'd see the day, but the E-M5 with its 16MP sensor, 5-axis IBIS, high quality EVF, 3" tilt OLED touch screen, dual control wheels and weathersealed yet small and light alloy body is simply a transformational camera.

My next purchase will certainly be the 75-300 MkII for wildlife, along with the mFT9-18mm should I decide to sell off my other equipment.  I don't see going back to DSLR's, why bother with the bulk and weight when the E-M5 can equal or trump them in so many performance and handling areas?

It's gotten to the point that when I see a big black DSLR with its large lenses it looks like something from a past era, much like LP's looked after CD's came out.

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