EOS M successor to be styled by Will.i.am

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Re: EOS M successor to be styled by Will.i.am

meland wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

Utter rubbish is my view...
Frankly, for the very first time...just yesterday.. I actually was surprised when I visited one of my local Superstores for cameras, household, hi-fi gear etc etc and actually saw and was able for the very first time, to handle and use a "live" (tethered but usable)  EOS-M camera.  I thought it was very good indeed..fitted with the standard 18-55 lens and as I rarely have much respect for that type of commonly fitted standard kit-lens I took it at face value.. but actually using and generally handling the camera I just felt right at home and indeed I ALMOST wanted to buy one.. since I HAD gone there to look at cameras generally. But I felt it was not a right decision as I already have excellent M4/3 cameras in the Pannie GX1, my old GF-1 also, so I passed up the thought and have since bought a Canon G15.

But the EOS-M I did quite like in all respects.. well.. at least on a "dry" shoot sort of basis.. it is very small and (for me at least) excellent in the hand.. and at least from a few 'reviews' in-camera of pics "shot" from the stand I thought the Preview indicated an excellent result.  I'm sorry to uderstand that it does not seem to have obtained  great response..  but I suspect that certainly here in UK at least.. the price being asked for it is just unreasonable and there are many others .. some even less price - that are well able to compete with it.  It's PRICE I think that is against it - not necessarily anything else.

I'd like it with the 22mm on. That's MY kind of lens for general about-town...

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I like it too but I find I just can't get on with it tethered.  Even with the 22mm fitted that cable attached to the counter seriously messes with the ergonomics.

Well , it would of course.  Trouble is - that cable is so long (or not long enough...) it gets around my feet when in town...  !!    But if you change your shooting position a litle you can get some good pics...  

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Staffordshire, UK

Yes it's really hard to do any street photography with the M. The camera itself is fine and all that. But it's the lugging around the computer attached to the other end of the cable that get really heavy after a while. Makes me really wish I had gone for a smaller one such as a laptop (instead of an iMac with 27" display).

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