Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Good advice

I had a long and quite snarky post to this, however, I've gone and read some of your past posts,  and I'm happy to assume that this is just a communications issue. You've been a bit sloppy in your posts, and I've read too much into them.

I include my original responses below, however, I'm quite happy to leave it here as an issue with communication.

ultimitsu wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

As for the question, Did I indicate thsoe m43 shooting telephoto would be not serious?


how did I do that?

Well, maybe I'm reading too much into your posts. I explained it to you earlier, you backtracked, and tried to wind it back. Maybe you'll be able to clarify when you answer my question below, which you dodged earlier.

Are they serious about what they are shooting?

What inference would you make from my statement ?

still waiting for an answer.

You're waiting for an answer to the question you asked to avoid answering my question? Would you like to try again?

Do they get significant size and weight and cost benefits over most DSLRs?

Do they get size and weight benefit over SLR is a interesting question because what are we comparing? they are certainly not getting the same IQ or AF speed or burst rate while maintain tracking. If final product is not the same then is that really a saving?

As for cost, if you have been reading this thread with eyes open you would have see that cost wise M43 is very high. 35-100 cost more than twice the price of 70-300 USM / VR, These canikon lenses on FF would completely trump 35-100 on any m43 in terms of IQ and tracking. on APs-C IQ maybe a draw, but reach and AF speed are still way ahead.

I'm happy to grant that under certain circumstances you can go cheaper with DSLRs.

However, only an idiot would then generalise from that circumstance to the argument that this applies to all circumstances. Which is exactly what you keep doing.

Lets ignore the "idiot" part of this, just in which post did I generalise?

"OP's contention is correct, if you want the same IQ, you pay less for lenses with APs-C, cheaper again with FF. if you pay the same money for lenses, you get better IQ with APS-C, and significantly better IQ with FF." Try here.

Your argument initially was correct - that it is possible to be cheaper than m4/3s with FF. However, that argument only applies under certain circumstances.

Did I say it is so for every circumstance?

You implied. See above

You've since pushed that argument too far, and created the incorrect argument that m4/3s is too expensive.

I am only following the conditions OP and 007peter discussed, I did not say m43 is more expensive in every circumstance.

See above.

You've supported this argument by ignoring the other situations that prove you wrong, moving the goalposts (See above post, where now m4/3s has to beat FF, rather than FF coming down to match m4/3s) and other fallacies.


"This is about lenses on m43 that can deliver similar IQ to FF. these cheapos cannot." (The 40-150, of course, is one hell of a good, cheap, lens. Of course, ignoring various lenses because they don't fit your argument is the crux of my main disagreement with you.)

Oh yeah, and of course the fun game of calling anyone who points out the failings of your arguments as suffering from "the camera version of small man syndrome".

But clearly, you are.

Oh yes, you can tell that by the way I go and visit the forums for other camera manufacturers, and try and convince people which camera to buy. Oh, wait...........That would be you.

Now, I've seen this behaviour from you before, where you'll happily ignore evidence that refutes you, so long as you can have "your side" win.

you mean like fabricated prices ? Yes I ignore them.

Or DPR ISO tests, or other such things. You mean fabricated prices like those in other countries? Yeah, who'd want to compare prices in the place they live?

I've no idea why m4/3s brings out such a defensive attitude from you.

I was just wondering the same thing about you. What a coincidence.

I'm not the one hanging out in the forum of a camera I don't own, trying to convince people that they're shouldn't buy them.

I suspect you're just the kind of person who can't stand the idea that other people are different.

I suspect the exact same thing about you. this is getting freaky.

If only there was a way to disprove that. Hmmm first reply this thread. OP wants shallow DoF. My advice, go buy a DSLR.'s gear's gear list
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