UFRaw now handles all Sigma Files!

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Re: UFRaw now handles all Sigma Files!

dbateman wrote:

Niels Kristian Bech Jensen, you don't give the software enough credit.  I downloaded the Raw SD1M files from Dpreview (I don't own this camera).  Yes when you initially open the software you get blue tinted images.  I guess this is the problem on the dcraw side.  HOWEVER, all I did was click AUTO white balance on the WB section and the files looked good.  Also all the tweaks were there and lens profiles too.  At least for the Windows version of the software.

@David: I am one of the UFRaw developers. I am happy it worked out for you using auto WB but I tried the same with some of my DP1 files. It was hit and miss. Sometimes it worked but on most files I got a severe red or green tint.

What we need is that someone implements the color correction algorithms for post-SD14 camera models. The algorithms have been floating around in this forum some time ago.
Niels Kristian Bech Jensen

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