Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

Tron555, you said "Should only Professional photographers use this camera in Manual mode?

Professional photographers are not going to use a P&S camera, they're going to use full frame cameras.

You said, "many so called “professional photographers” have taken images many images an posted them, and they still look extremely atrocious.

Yeah, when it first came out when nobody knew what settings to use for testing it out.  As with any new camera, especially with a new sensor and processor, it's going to take awhile to figure out all its features, settings and options which makes the X20 unique among other compact cameras.

You said, "Do you really think the images you have seen so far look that great? Do you own one, or are you seriously thinking about purchasing one after seeing what you have seen so far?"

Yes, I received my X20 last Monday.  I really haven't taken that many photos but what I have taken look great.  This camera is extremely feature rich and it's going to take time and practice with it.  BTW, do you own an X20?  If not, I think you would be happy owning one … I really do.  There's nothing like 1st hand experience with one!!  Just remember to set the NR to -2 and the sharpness to +1 …. I think those 2 settings are working good for me.  Well, actually, not only for me but look at Absolutic's photo gallery … aren't his photos just gorgeous!  We're all in a learning process with the X20 and I find that as part of the excitement.

As far as the Auto mode for other cameras, both compact and DSLRs, yeah, I think they would vary a lot but not real sure …. I've only dealt with P&S cameras.  How often do you use Auto mode?  I usually use Aperture priority.

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