Who would buy a 'Sigma' 12/2.8 Prime @ $399

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likely no .. for

Its not the focal length nor the speed of the lens, but the configuration. M4/3 is not just Olympus, and slow lens generally are cheaper but less handy at handheld, that's why we are seeing Canon putting IS on their new 24 * 28 fix focals, and Nikon is hard at work doing similar to their lens. I amsure many a Panasonic user on this forum would welcome that.

so while 12/2.8 is really a classic combo. it might be less of a distinction between that and the 2.0 Instead I think if Sigma can offer us something like a 9 or 10mm/2.4 OS or 12mm/2.4 OS ( BUT KEEP THESE  reasonably economical ) , the other thing to consider , though, is Sigma is less likely to develop such lens just for M4/3. its got to be shared with NEX , EOS-M, and other APS-C, so for real if we want a cheap one, its more realistic to think of it say 12mm/3.5 class instead

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