Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Quick observation based on using presets

Hello, Sandy -

As I caught this 5-month old post from Steven Kornreich about ICC profiles,

I wonder whether you or anyone else has been able to produce a satisfactory ICC profile for any of the Merrill-sensor cameras (hopefully ProPhoto D65).

The orange (agent ?) in the SD1M has been bringing a whole lot of very fruitful color discussions for the DP*M series, and I have been wondering all along about Sigma making minor improvements in cameras that might cause some confusion because they are not publicized.

It's understandable that a manufacturer would not want potential buyers to wait for the next iteration to "make the jump", yet it would be good to know if hardware and firmware have really be frozen from onset, or whether there is some kind of DP2M version 4.

I am not even sure whether the in-camera jpg algorithms and SPP are undergoing minor changes that might just cause users to differ, as they might not know. Since some are so secretive about serial numbers or date of purchase, it's hard to equate....

For fun I used SPP 5.1 loupe on Vieri and BobNL colorchecker pictures, quite amazed at the red value on #18, and also I was baffled when comparing the pictures to this

As empirical cameras, the DP*M can yield results that are hard to match, yet I also thought of calibrating as best as can so as to increase the yield of RAW keepers.



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