a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: This is what doesn't work...

OldClicker wrote:

Sorry, but Sony is not responsible to ensure that their new systems are backward compatible with a homemade site.

What do you believe Sony IS responsible for?  Just generally speaking here

But specifically speaking... When it worked previously, and it doesn't work now because of a change Sony made, then who is responsible for that?  The user didn't change anything.  Certainly then, the user is not responsible for it not working any longer.  Who do you think is responsible?

It is not uncommon for togs to tinker.  I do a bit of it myself, converting speedlights to barebulb flash, making custom grips, custom brackets... and yes, I even put a gun site onto my Sunpak 622 Super Pro with custom fit Metz Televorsatz.

We do this because we work in the field with our kit.  We do it to provide extra functionality, performance, and reliability.  We do it to get an edge over our competitor, and to produce distinctive signature styles in our work.

We know more about what a photographer needs than any designer does.  And designers often end up emulating our homemade creations.

Imagine tinkering for your own benefit, based upon proven 20 year "standards", then having it all thwarted by non standard refits that seek praises for being standard.  But adapters required making them non standard again.  Do you not see a frustrating paradox here?  One that could have been avoided by simply improving iISO instead of abandoning it?

Certainly Dennis isn't the only one who's had their creative efforts thwarted.  I listed others too.  Please don't disregard the working professionals and their frustrations with the new MIS.  It's a compounding affect across the entire system.  I would hope we'd be more sensitive to those who've put MORE CREATIVE EFFORT into their kit than their manufacturer ever did.  We should encourage such ingenuity in our fellow Sony users.

In everything, as systems change (and you are lucky enough to have them functionally compatible)...

If I really thought Sony wanted me to feel "lucky" that they ensured legacy functionality, then I would leave them immediately like a rat from a sinking ship.  I propose Sony should honor the loyalists that have supported them.  Then we wouldn't be having this conversation at all.

you have to adapt your old gear to accommodate the changes or buy new gear.

It's not old gear.  You can still purchase iISO currently new.  Hasselblad Lunar will soon be the only supporter of native iISO.  New accessories are RIFE in all forms for iISO.  The only "old" thing about it is the 20+ year legacy that has become a long toothed STANDARD for our brand.

They went back to an "old" shoe.  So you could be happy using your "old" triggers, and slaves, and "old" flashes from other brands.  In the spirit of "you have to adapt your old gear", the new old style MIS shoe FORCES this upon us.

That does NOT mean that it "doesn't work".  You may even have to rethink some bad habits in how you handle your gear.

It increases the odds that it won't work.  And there is no shortage of reports confirming it doesn't work as intended, or as good as four months ago.

Is forgetting the reflectors or umbrellas or lens caps Sony's fault also?

No.  That's my fault.  I've been known to have a few.

You are a professional - adapt.

That's not how "adapt" is supposed to be applied to the word "professional".  We adapt to location foibles.  We adapt to client personalities.  We adapt to weather changes and lighting conditions.

There is a deep chasm between the idea of customizing fully functional reliable kit to make it work better, and adapting needless changes to make it work at all.

If you forget something, you forgot it.

Yep.  I did.  Please don't let me forget that Sony gave me something else to remember.

The pro-proprietary shoe posters were quick to criticize those who complained about having to use adapters for all their studio equipment with the old shoe.  Now the sky is falling.

When my clients must pay extra, because I have to purchase new kit, then the sky begins to fall.

When my clients see me fumbling with adapters that decrease reliability and functionality, then the sky begins to fall... especially when my competitors don't wrestle with their kit.

When my bottom line is affected by Sony's top decision makers, then the sky begins to fall.

The sky is not falling on Sony flash system my friend.  It's been flushed right down the toilet.

I understand that the change has made life more difficult for you and others who have adapted their working systems to the old shoe.

It hasn't made life more difficult.  It's made working with Sony kit more difficult.  That's not what I pay them to do.  If one of my employees did that, I'd fire them.

I understand that you have good reason for not liking the change.  But (1) it's here to stay no matter how much you rant

It is not out of line for consumer voices to be heard, and entice a company to revert back to previous state.  I propose that's why Sony bought Minolta in the first place.

and (2) the exaggerated "doesn't work", it falls off, it isn't compatible, etc. type posts are wrong.

I'm just passing along the issues shared by professional users of Sony gear.  I'm not sure either one of us are qualified to claim them as wrong or not.  But I'm pretty sure that other users, and Sony, and potential converts from our CaNikon friends have the right to know of them regardless.--

Here to help. Here to learn.

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