RRS BH-30 or BH-40 with Olympus E-M5?

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Re: Neither, I don't do business with RRS

fripfrops wrote:

Just curious, but do you have proof of this to show us?

Yes. This is common knowledge. Try google.

Dear Fred Miranda Participants,

I'm Joe Johnson, owner of Really Right Stuff. I thought it may be helpful to your discussion for me to provide a few explanations (hopefully not lame excuses).
1) I apologize for any inconvenience our new website has caused. We did transition to a new website on 19 Oct 2010. We tested the new site for 3 months and thought it was ready, but encountered issues when it went live and encountered our normal, higher-volume web traffic. Given the number of web-generated orders we're getting, the site works superbly most of the time (say 85+%), but does hang randomly. Because this site is tied to our inventory management/accounting systems, and due to the nature of the upgrade, it is nearly impossible to roll back. We are putting tremendous pressure on the software provider to fix the problem and are nearly there. We have invested nearly a quarter of million dollars on getting the website/erp system up to better standards, which for a small company like ours is a huge amount. We are committed to getting this right. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.
2) I am not anti-gay and very much support equal treatment/employment/housing/education/etc. for all people regardless of sexual orientation, race or religion. Thankfully, we already have laws in place here in California that provide that protection. I also believe we should maintain traditional marriage as currently defined and I did make a PERSONAL contribution to the Yes on 8 campaign. I was required by law to identify my current source of income which is how RRS was brought into this. We have employees that disagree with my support for Yes on 8, but unfortunately the negativity directed at me impacts them as well.
If any would like to discuss either of these issues personally with me, I'd be delighted to take your phone call or email (1-888-777-5557 in US/Canada; 1-805-528-6321 Overseas; joe@reallyrightstuff.com).

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Dave Sanders

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