Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

I didn't have much to complain about the AF on the D3 in good light.

The AF is better in low light for a D4.  AF is possible for F8 lenses as well.

High ISO noise control for the D4 is closely matched to the D3s which was better than the D3.

The buffer is deeper on the D4, I could outshoot the buffer on a D3 (without the memory upgrade), I have not been able to outshoot the buffer on the D4.

ken6217 wrote:

I mainly use for sports. I'm not interested in a a used camera = D3s.

So basically the question still is a D4 a significant upgrade over a D3?

Is the autofocus much better btw?


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