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Re: USB external hard drive suggestions?

I don't know.  Pretty much all I see in the stores around here (Phoenix) are small or large Seagates. (Goflex is the current model name).   I trust none of them.

For a while I quite buying anything except Seagates for all my computers, because they were both quiet and reliable.  Then reliability tanked when they dropped the warranty to 1 year.  (Since increased).   There was a big industry shakeout at the time, when the drive manufacturers consolidated down to 3.   Reliability is definitely up a bit since then, in my experience.

I'm not your typical consumer of drives.   Because of all the test systems I have running, and various PC's I build for hobbies and backups, I have a lot more systems running than just about everyone.   I currently have 36 hard drives actually running right now in the house, in various systems, and that doesn't count some laptop drives and a couple small laptop backup drives in the camera bag.   More older (obsoleted) systems in the garage.   More in the ministorage.   I see a LOT of hard drives.   Virtually all SATA.  (SCSI drives are much, much more reliable, but too expensive for the capacity).   My strategy with drives is to spread the risk by running multiple backups of critical data onto RAID systems, or with a product called iFolder (been running for 15 years here), my critical business data is replicated onto a server and automatically onto a couple of PC's and a laptop.    When a drive fails, I just reinstall the OS as needed, if the boot drive failed, or replace the failed data drive and copy back from backup.  Cost of doing business.

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