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BlbGB wrote:

But....I would direct you to the new Samsung NX300 and/or NEX6. You have moving kids. NEX6 seems to track moving subjects well, my Olympus is soso. Can do it, but not that good. mFt is falling behind here. The new Samsung NX300 has (in theory) similar AF as the NEX6. Samsungs lenses are cheap and they are really well built. Good IQ. So check that out too.

Wouldn't the NEX 5R focus as well as the NEX 6? I lean toward the Sony pano, focus peak, better resolution screen. Oly has Oly color, smaller (but is it too small...I have read the buttons are difficult in cold weather), lens selection. I read on forums that the Oly is fast, but the Sony is faster? A lot faster? How is Sony Color??

No it has no phase detect autofocus. Phase detect is what you (crruently) need for fast moving subjects, NEX6 has it and it seems to do pretty well, NEX5R does not.

Oh..cold weather. we have lots of very cold weather in The Netherlands. I had no trouble with shooting between -10 and -15 C or like last saturday with a strong blizzard, hard wind and -5 C WITHOUT gloves on. Not better than with my GH2 which has a lot bigger knobs than almost any mirrorless cam. Used them both.

Faster In what. When it comes to autofocussing the Oly is faster than any Sony. NEX6 is better in keeping focus with moving subjects. But..you can do that with Oly to. It is not black and white.

Colour= personal. When it comes to RAW you can almost do whatever you like. When it is JPEG I think the best JPEGs are produced by Olympus when we look at what the majority thinks.

What I also like a are the art settings from Oly. really like it! Some examples of dramatic tone and Grainy B&W from last sunday (first three) and a couple of months ago (woman). May be you like them too.

Pano function of Sony: yes, it really works well! If you think you are going to do that a lot, you may like it. What I have done in the first shot here is a Samyang 7,5 mm fisheye and then defished it and cut of the corners. Gives you a broad panaoramic view if you want.

Please forgive me for cutting off your photos; the system needs more space.

BlbGB:  I think you should have posted this question about the Nex's on the parallel thread you are running on the NEX forum.

The Sony NEX-6 and the 5R will focus identically because in most respects they are the same camera. (Except for the physical differences.) Likewise IQ is the same; the same processor and hybrid phase detection sensor being used IN BOTH CAMERAS. The latter causes the NEX's to outperform the PENS in AF.  However, some Panasonic models are still faster fucusers than NEX 6/5R.

We have cold weather here in Canada, too. The NEX-5R uses a resistive touch-screen which allows easy operation in cold weather, WITH GLOVES ON.

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