Just about to buy the Nikon D800e

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Re: Just about to buy the Nikon D800e

tankahn wrote:

Bought my D800E in Apr 2012. I placed multiple orders and 2 were available. My professional photographer friend took one and I the other. We have no problems that made the cameras unusable. All you need is a positive mental attitude. Pixels not sharp? Wrap your legs around a tree or brace yourself on anything you can find. Or just increase your shutter speed or iso. We are getting older all the time. No need to boast being able to hand-hold at 1/15 sec. Having problems getting focus lock or just plain unsure with all the hysteria you are hearing? Shoot live view then, you'll get less mirror flap and really sharp keepers even with thin DOF at f/1.4. The nano lenses are really doing their jobs this time. Pretty soon you be wondering should you buy a CZ 21mm or the CZ15mm. Tbe D800 opens up avenues for creativity like archival photography of old buildings where we need every pixels of this 36 megapixel camera to preserve as much details as possible.

Right now we are having fun with 360 pano tours. The pictures are down-sampled by more than half to preserve bandwidth. With optical fibre in every homes this limitation will be lifted. Pictures taken with your D800E is ready for the future.


Warning. Large file.

sorry if this is off topic. i'm the same guy that started the thread. does the mirror flap really make that much of distance for sharpness whereby you are shooting at a high enough speed, ISO considerations (or with flash)?

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