Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: start for free? NO business does this

I have to disagree with the renting of equipment. Camera equipment does hold strong resale value if you maintain it properly. So if you do need to sell it in a years time, I think you would end up with more money in pocket than what you've thrown out on rentals for the same length of time. That money you can't get back.

Having said that, I do think someone starting out should look at a model or two which is older and used. Invest in good used equipment to start, there is a little bit of savings there. There is no need to get a $3k camera if you are starting out and don't even know how to use it.

You also need to remember that not everyone lives near a rental store. What if all the rentals are gone? What if that lens you needed isn't in stock because a job last minute came up?

I live 45 minutes drive from the closest rental store. That would be 1.5 hours to get the camera and 1.5 hours return. Gas, wear and tear, time. Not worth it.

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