Nikon 18-200mm, good copy or should if be sharper?

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Re: Nikon 18-200mm, good copy or should if be sharper?

It's got a bit of a dual personality.   I don't know how the current 18-300 compares, but when the 18-200 came out, it was (probably) Nikon's least sharp lens.  As would be expected for a super zoom.

It's weakest at the long end, and at distances.   Shoot typical portrait distances and focal ranges, and it's pretty good.   It will never be a 24-70F2.8 though, in terms of picture IQ.

I also think it's poor at very close focus (pseudo macro), though my opinion there may be colored by my wife's poor shooting techniques, while I compare her shots to mine from the 105vr macro.

Try some testing.   Find where you think it is sharp enough, and where it isn't, and work within its limitations when sharpness is very important to the shot.   Or have realistic expectations.

By the way, I own two of these lenses (one for me, one for my wife), and have had a third.  They all seemed pretty much the same.  (Shot on D80, D200, D300).

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