Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

T O Shooter wrote:

RicAllan wrote:

Not sure how anyone could answer without knowing WHAT you shoot and where you are pushing the envelope (what new features might address limitations you have).

I take it that you're referring to myself and Jane????  We couldn't answer that in general terms??  Too many fellows on here that half mask their ignorant attitude. Don't be afraid to just spit it out.

He didn't address anyone specific, though he apparently did nail it well enough that you recognize a problem with comments made by specific people!

Why not just asked the OP what he intends to use it for and give him your opinion.

That is what he did!

As to the validity of his point...  I own a D3, a D3S, and a D4.  The differences between each are significant if and only if those are areas used!  If the ISO is never set higher than 800 and video or speed is not an issue, quite frankly a D2X is just as good.

If high ISO and lower noise is important, at least get a D3S.  If video or fast shooting (high frame rates) for sports is important the D4 is significantly better.

But to be honest, for about 75% of what I do, it is true that the camera I use is the D800.  If the objective is to print at 16x20 or larger, those pixels are absolutely wonderful.  It also has better dynamic range.  But using high speed continuous mode will lock the camera up in only a few shots (while a D4 will easily rattle off literally dozens of exposures in sequence).

If I could have only one camera, it would be the D4.  If only two, a D800 and a D4.  But someone who uses cameras for purposes other than what I do would almost certainly have a very different priority list.

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