Epson 3880 borderless vs w/border printing

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Re: Epson 3880 borderless vs w/border printing

Radu Tenenbaum wrote:

I'm a 3880 newbie.  I have one on its way and, although I am familiar with and have used the search feature I'll be posting newbie type questions as I can't find the concise answers I seek.

How much ink is wasted on overspray when printing borderless?

That dpends on the amount of extension you set within the driver.

Where does that ink go?  Does it just accumulate in sponges and cause a mess over time?

Yes, But we are talking about fractions of a millilitre with a printer of a limited lifespan.

Generally, should I avoid borderless printing if possible?

I wouldn't want to do it all the time. Why, in particular, would you want to print borderless anyhow? What particular mounting technique do you have that would need borderless printing?

I have a Rotatrim, so trimming is doable, but still some hassle.

What is the minimum border to prevent the overspray?

The minimum border is around 3 mm. Actually 2.8 mm top and left, 3.2 mm right and bottom.

A more general question: Can someone point me to a link for a detailed overview of how an inkjet handles ink in all phases of the process that addresses the questions above as well as nozzle checks, cleaning cycles, maintenance cartridge and so on.

Good luck on that one.

Brian A

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