Dye or pigment inks and refillable cartridges for Epson Artisan 1430

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Re: Dye or pigment inks and refillable cartridges for Epson Artisan 1430

jtoolman wrote:

Most of the inks sold by the top sellers int he USA are from Image Specialists. They are just rebadged by the various sellers. So I am using pretty much inks from one company if you really think about it.

CONE has their inks made exclusively for them, to their specs in China.

And you know this based on fact and not on opinion?  I don't know this, and it's in my interest as an independent testing lab to stay on top of these issues. One needs independent confirmation. You can't assume what you read on the vendor's website is the absolute truth.

If you frame under glass, Claria and the various Claria type 3rd party inks will outlast most marriages.

Yes, I agree if you consider the seven year itch!!!  However, please read my comments that follow.

There is almost zero data from any of the labs that test inks for longevity. As these labs will only tend to test OEM inks.

I'm perfectly willing to test any commercially available ink sets and publish the results for public access. I just have to raise the funds through donations to do so and find end users that buy these third party formulations willing to voluntarily submit some samples for testing.

Inkjetfly pigmented inks come very close to matching Epson OEM on light fade resistance, but it's media dependent as to which one wins in any particular circumstance.  Other pigmented ink sets on the market that I've tested lag well behind (Image specialists noted for weaker yellow performance), and I have yet to encounter any third party dye-based "Claria equivalent" inks that even comes close to matching Epson OEM Claria dye on overall light fastness. If they exist, we all would benefit if we can identify them.

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