Is it worth selling my D3 for a D4?

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Re: Maybe

Jane79 wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Jane79 wrote:

The D4 is significantly better than the D3s.

I haven't seen one review that says it's anything more than marginally different. Unless you want the video upgrades. Anyway, as I said, a D4 is a good upgrade on the D3, which is what the OP has. But if the D4 is pushing the budget, then investigate a used D3S. You won't go wrong.

The D4 is the #1 camera at Senscore.

Quote: "... raises the bar to new heights in dynamic range, color range and tonal range. No other current sensor comes even close in these categories."

I was referring to reviews by photographers using them side by side. They find very little "in the field" difference.  I only had the D3S for a short while, but the photos I did take has very little if any dr or color range difference from my D4. Nothing to get excited over. Throw my D800 in the mix - that's a very noticeable difference on those points.

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