Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Good advice

Mjankor wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

So, following on from that, you do realize that people who are serious about photography use telephoto lenses (a lot)?

Where did you get the idea that I did not think that?

So it was only you're initial premise ("if you have to use telephoto lens, you are serious about what you are shooting") that was wrong.

No it is not wrong. unlike wide angle, you do not need to a telephoto lens to merely capture something  if you need telephoto it is because you want to capture it well, with as much detail as possible. Thus the statement "if you have to use telephoto lens, you are serious about what you are shooting" is correct.

So, following your logic, what do you make of everyone who uses telephoto on m4/3s? Teles are an extremely common lens on this forum.

firstly, you need to get a clue, you have replied to my post 4 times and all of them have been lacking clues.

As for the question, Did I indicate thsoe m43 shooting telephoto would be not serious?

Are they serious about what they are shooting?

What inference would you make from my statement ?

Do they get significant size and weight and cost benefits over most DSLRs?

Do they get size and weight benefit over SLR is a interesting question because what are we comparing? they are certainly not getting the same IQ or AF speed or burst rate while maintain tracking. If final product is not the same then is that really a saving?

As for cost, if you have been reading this thread with eyes open you would have see that cost wise M43 is very high. 35-100 cost more than twice the price of 70-300 USM / VR, These canikon lenses on FF would completely trump 35-100 on any m43 in terms of IQ and tracking. on APs-C IQ maybe a draw, but reach and AF speed are still way ahead.

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