Camera choice for Europe trip

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my opinion and few samples

John.Laninga wrote:

In a week or so, we will be on a 15 day cruise ending in Rome.  We'll spend 5 days there, then on to London, for 6 days.  We will walk most everywhere, so lots of equipment schlepping. Then back home to Dallas.  My question is what camera(s) to take?

Initially, I was going to take only my LX-7 with LVF-2 finder.  Small, light, amazing lens, but small sensor.  I have a waist pack that holds the camera, accessories, and other goodies securely. But only a small sensor....

So, then I decided to also take my GH3 with 12-35 and 14-140 lenses.  Fairly compact, but still requires a decent day pack to carry along.  The GH3 and 12-35 are weather sealed, maybe a good thing for London. Quite a bit more weight and stuff to keep track of.

Then, I had an opportunity to purchase a used (in excellent condition) X100 with accessories.  I have played with the X100 before, so I am fairly familiar with it.  It would be an easy camera to carry (it comes with the OEM leather case).  But only a foot zoom....

So I'm coming here to solicit your suggestions:  which one (or two) (or three) cameras should I carry on this adventure?  BTW, I just turned 70, in good shape, but no spring chicken anymore, weight counts.

I wouldn't take new camera on important trip (no matter how good it is). I'd rather enjoy sightseeing than read manuals.

Pictures below were taken with LX-5


Colosseum at night



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