a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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This is what doesn't work...

OldClicker wrote:

What "doesn't work"?  Sitting up in the air isn't a "doesn't work".

Hi OldClicker.  You can read more details about Dennis' problem here, where his red dot site doesn't work because the higher flash blocks the beam now.  You can also read Dyxum forum here  where other working professionals are having problems keeping the flash onto camera.  See, the adapter doesn't have locking pins into the MIS.  So although F60M has locking pins, and iISO has a built in locking pin with every foot, the weak link is the adapter.  We know not having locking pins was an issue thirty years ago because that's why CaNikonMino introduced them into their shoes.

Casual shooters wouldn't notice any issues with one camera strapped around neck for the few shots at party time.  But working togs, journalists, and those who use lighting modifiers (those inclined to purchase such expensive kit as a99) might have two or three cameras strapped around shoulders, with HV battery packs and cables.  In the frenzy of an extended event, flashes tend to become loosened over time.  One Dyxum tog reported that his F58AM would have fallen to its death had it not been for the HV cable plugged in.  Now he has extra to think about on the shoot, preoccupied with tightening that compression screw on gigs.

Other togs, who have adopted the MIS F60M, report their softbox slave investment is compromised because the remote units no longer fit into the softboxes.  The flash head is even less centered now for those using umbrella bracket holders.

Personally, I might shoot four or five run and gun portraits per day, in different locations.  A doctor here, a lawyer there, a dj next... It's handy to leave the F20AM attached to the a900 while in bag.  It has a cushion fob and folds perfectly flat.  Travels in bag very nicely.  But that little flash is so fragile on the foot hinge that it has been knocked completely off a number of times when in actual use.  I've learned how to snap it back in and get back to work.  But it isn't easy.

Now, with adapter, or new F20M, the flash is even more susceptible to breaking at foot than ever.  And since neither will fold completely flat against camera prism/hump, the thought of carrying it ready to go in bag is less attractive... unless of course we put a sock in between the space.

Forgetting the adapter isn't a "doesn't work".

When you forget the adapter on a working assignment, it means it don't work... and neither do you.

(After complaining about it here daily, how can you possibly forget the adapter?)

The same way professionals still tend to leave reflectors, or umbrellas, or lens caps at the last location.  When you're running on a schedule, multiple shoots, multiple clients, multiple locations, having to pack down, pack up, you grow fond of native kit that doesn't require adapters that can be left behind, break, add extra hitches in the connection chain decreasing reliability.  We want less to think about equipment... not more.

Some would have you believe that having to adapt to new technology is a workaround, but having adapted to old technology is photography.

Yes I completely agree.  There are some basic foundational principles that are learned/earned over time, and we find most of them paying tribute to legacy features that have survived.  Carrying, and relying on flash adapters (a smart electrical connection) is not one of them.

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