How to find and delete duplicates

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Re: How to find and delete duplicates

glebd wrote:

I just found this thread, and I'd like to shamelessly suggest my own software called Decloner, which can find and delete (trash) duplicates across multiple folders, iPhoto and Aperture libraries. It's free to try for 30 days (fully functional during trial) and is available on the Mac App Store as well as a stand-alone download. I'd be glad to answer any questions about it.

I have had some utilities from time to time that promise to clean up hard drives etc, however I'm always a little reluctant to start trashing my files, especially things in Aperture.  I downloaded Decloner at your suggestion and my first impression is that it is very well thought out.  You seem to understand that deleting image files should be done with a large degree of caution and I'm very glad to see that there are many safeguards built in.  After seeing previews and locations of all the duplicates I'm impressed enough that this may be the first one that I actually use!  One Aperture library alone has over 2 gigs of dupes and I have no idea how they got there so I'm going to do some cleaning.  (BTW,I intend to purchase if all goes well).  Thanks

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