modification of CarrySpeed strap (likely also works for Black Rapid)

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Conway Yee Forum Member • Posts: 92
modification of CarrySpeed strap (likely also works for Black Rapid)

I purchased the CarrySpeed strap (instead of the Black Rapid although I can't think of a reason why the solution below wouldn't work with a Black Rapid).

I have long since standardized on Arca-Swiss plates which makes the standard camera screw not available to me.

After a websearch, I chose to connect the CarrySpeed strap to a 1" quick release plate which in turn was attached to a Kirks Acra-Swiss plate.  I absolutely HATED this solution.  The combination of the Acra-Swiss plate on the camera followed by a Acra-Swiss quick release followed by the CarrySpeed plate was ridiculously thick and made putting the camera on a flat surface awkward.

This morning, I figured out a solution that fixed my concerns.  There is a slot for a camera wriststrap on the side of the camera Arca-Swiss plate. Further, the CarrySpeed strap uses a standard locking carabiner to connect to its plate.

I cut a short length of 1" nylon strap about 6" in length.  At each end, I placed a grommet.  The 2nd grommet needs to be placed AFTER the strap is placed into the Acra-Swiss camera plate.  The strength of the grommet and nylon strap is more than sufficient for any reasonable camera system.

I got rid of CarrySpeed plate and attached the carabiner to the two grommets. Voila!  The extra thickness under the camera is gone.  I can now attach the camera directly to a tripod without detaching anything since the 1" nylon strap doesn't get in the way.


Conway Yee

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