Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

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Re: why move?

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Why not use the best tool for the job?

Why is 'moving' mandatory and using both systems impossible?

When you add in compacts / phones, that's a third option.

I use all 3.

Nobody is saying that you have to switch, and if you have the means to keep multiple systems, more power to you. I sold my 7D and most of my Canon lenses when I got my first OM-D last April, but kept my 5D Mark II and 24-70 2.8L, just in case. However, it quickly became clear that circumstances that actually required the Canon gear on my professional jobs were pretty much nonexistent, so there was no reason to keep it. I sold it off and bought a second OM-D, and haven't looked back.

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