Best adapter for Contax G lenses

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Re: Best adapter for Contax G lenses

Astrophotographer 10 wrote

I was thinking of getting the 45mm Contax g next. It got some good posts. Not sure about the 21 or 28mm. Rear clearance of the last lens element may be an issue. Are they worth it? The 21 is quite expensive.


I loved the Contax G. When I moved to digital, I bought Canon DSLRs and thought they were plasticy and the lenses lacked the "pop" of the Zeiss Contax lenses. When I bought a Nex 7, I was excited that my Contax lenses could be used again.

The 45 mm planar is possibly the best lens I've used in my 50 years as a photographer. Buy it. If the rumors of the full frame Nex are true, the price will go through the roof.

The problem is that the adapters are dogmeat. Contax G lenses are usable, but the focusing is rough. I hope the DEO adapter will work. I will post a review when I get one.

I'm an old guy. I appreciate OSS. I have the SEL 1018, SEL18200, and SEL 50, and think very highly of them all, but the image quality of the Contax G Zeiss lenses haunts me.

(yes, I sold my Leica glass without looking back. Buy the Contax 45, if only as an investment.)


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