Is professional photography dying out?

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other things too

There are rich real estate agents. But not many. I sold real estate for about 6 years for 3 different brokers. This was 12 years ago now, but then the avg agent in teh US made less than $18k a YEAR in income.
Lots of part timers, lots of people get into it seeing dollar signs only to find out it's work - and lots of it. It's a lot like photography these days - you must network on your own and don't depend on the tv ads, real estate magazines, etc to do much to bring in business. Referrals are KING!\

When you consider opening any business you need to do some research - you see 100 photographers. What does that mean? Tons of customers, huge market, money for everyone? Or over saturation and everyone is starving?

Go stand outside a few businesses and count customers. See if they're carrying bags/food out of the stores. Are they actually BUYING anything?

Go to any gunstore these days - there is a a line to buy every hour of the day. It's insane. You want to make money? Open a gun store!

Would you open a record store? A video rental store? People listen to mucis, watch movies, right?
Would you open a jewelry store or high end home theatre store or fur store in a lower middle class area? Of course not as those folks don't spend money on those luxury goods in enogh volume to keep you in business.
So, what is the market for photography? What kind of photography?  Is there ENOUGH market? That seems to be the problem!

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