a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

dennismullen wrote:

OldClicker wrote:

I can see not liking it (I have 6 flashes with the proprietary shoe plus the ring/twin controller), but it exists and it works so shouldn't we move on?

For me it doesn't work, so I have to keep griping till Sony makes a replacement for the flash extension cord, and makes a proper F20 replacement that doesn't sit way up in the air when folded down, and follows through with the rest of the flash systems.

I bought a second adapter but I still manage to leave it behind to often. I used to be able to put my flash on or off with one hand. Now I have to find a table and fiddle with it.

What "doesn't work"?  Sitting up in the air isn't a "doesn't work".  Forgetting the adapter isn't a "doesn't work".  (After complaining about it here daily, how can you possibly forget the adapter?)

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Some would have you believe that having to adapt to new technology is a workaround, but having adapted to old technology is photography.

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