Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Grobb Senior Member • Posts: 1,229
Return it before it is too late!

I’m glad you did not take offense to my critique of your images. I was hoping the X20 and its new senor would have been what all the media hype and promises from Fuji claimed it would be. I’m looking to upgrade my G12 someday, but after reviewing all the images taken from it so far, I don’t see any improvement over my present camera, quite the contrary. When I see all the smeared images, low detail, water colored areas, I can’t believe so many Fuji fans are still sticking up for it so adamantly. For a $600 P&S, people should be able to just turn it on, point it and shoot acceptable pictures without going through all the trials and tribulations people are going through. As I have said before, life is too short for settling for sub standard images, shooting only RAW, PP’ing every image to death to get less than mediocre pictures. If that hurts new X20 owners feeling, too bad, return the camera before it is too late, or simply deal with low IQ pictures!

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