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Re: Looking for Ideas for a Laptop...

ESfishdoc wrote:

I don't need a calibrated monitor.  On the road I'll be posting to flickr and blogs and such.  Heavy lifting can and will be done at home on my desktop when we get home.

Your needs are quite modest and I think this will be relatively easy.

Do decide what screen size you can live with. Obviously, photography likes big screens. But when it comes to travel, smaller is better. I decided I could live with 14 inches and I'm glad I did.

You'll probably want an i5 or 17 CPU with 8GB and 64-bit windows.

Laptop discs tend to be slow so using a SSD for the system drive is a really good idea.

Battery life may or may not be an issue for you. Think about that one.

Also think about how you'll carry it -- backpack or whatever, and what might need to share the same bag (two DSLR's and a 600mm lens?).

Do shop the deals -- I use dealnews.com.

Last year, I bought a Lenovo (Y480) with a 14 inch screen, i7, 8GB and a 1TB disc for $800. I spend another $200 on a 256GB mSATA SSD. The screen is not great for photo editing but I do all of that critical work back home so no big deal. Overall, I am thrilled with the system. It's fast, flexible, and compact enough to carry around all day in a cheap backpack. It works for me and I did the whole thing for just about $1000 including a mouse and backpack.

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