Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: start for free? NO business does this

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

You learn your job, buy your equipment, do your market research, have a marketing plan, budget, etc in place BEFORE you open your doors.

Such true words. And if you're shooting on the side, it is smart to RENT your equipment. Do NOT buy!  It makes no sense to buy fancy high grade gear and expect it to turn a profit for you. If you don't have the bookings or contracts, rent your equipment only when you do have the bookings or projects to use them on. Just keep your money and rent. I can't stress this more! Lower risk.

What makes more sense? Spending $5000 in equipment that doesn't return that investment and having to sell it OR renting your gear when you need it for at most $150-$250 and probably even less? You could use your own equipment as backup gear. Again, lower risk.

The only equipment purchases I make now are on lighting gear because it will outlast all of your other gear by a long shot. Camera bodies and lenses come and go. New model every year. But... they can all be rented... for cheap.

If you just want to make an extra $100-$150 on the side each month, that's just $6 per day if you're shooting 5 days a week on the side. In other words, your day rate is $6. It's possible to do at least something, I hope.

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