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Re: SSD performance

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Can you make a video for your system showing the booting time and shutdown and also opening some programs? In fact the most part i care about is the boot and shutdown, the programs open so quick with my SSD, but it takes about 20-25 seconds from pressing the power button to log in Windows 7, even shutdown taking maybe about 4-5 second, my MBP shutdown instantly and i saw on YT videos some lappies shutting down quicker than 3seconds.

Pushing the power button is the wrong starting point.   You need to start the clock when you first see the windows screen.  Before that, the motherboard is doing its various POST checks and then looking for SSD change will improve the time here. A lot of work being pushed by MS lately is to speed the initial checks, though also at a cost of compatibility with alternative operating systems.

It's really the wrong benchmark to optimize, however.  How many times a day do you turn on your PC?   For most, it's 1 or 0.

I think Photoshop CS6 startup is a good measure.

Doing a batch action on a bunch of photos.

Or even just a perception of how responsive the system feels when you work, though you really need to subject yourself to the slower drive again afterwords to confirm there is a tangible difference.

BTW, my MBP does not shutdown instantly.

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