Best adapter for Contax G lenses

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Re: Best adapter for Contax G lenses

Thanks for the replies. I'll continue to use this adapter is see if it smoothes out. Luckily the range it needs to do most focus in isn't so bad and the bumps are further away from where I would normall use it.

I did use focus peaking but it was early morning, I probably focused on the furthest hill which was a mistake with closer in objects and it was close or was wide open so a bit of a narrow depth of field. Other images I took seem plenty sharp. A shame as that one had a nice look to it. Shutter speed may've been a tad slow for handheld also.

I find the 90 so far to be a bit warm in colours and I fiddled with white balance to up the blues and reduce the reds and it looked good.

I was thinking of getting the 45mm Contax g next. It got some good posts. Not sure about the 21 or 28mm. Rear clearance of the last lens element may be an issue. Are they worth it? The 21 is quite expensive.


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